Stories from Parents

    “The Potter’s Hand was on answer to our prayers! With a toddler at home, I found     homeschooling more difficult than I expected. His teachers welcomed our son with open arms 
  and made him feel right at home, which is not an easy task! Entering in mid-year, we saw an          immediate improvement in his grades, and his teachers have gone out of their way to
  accommodate his special interests and encourage him in areas of weakness. The flexibility with     schedules and curriculum is truly a blessing. God answers our prayers, and we are blessed to       have found the Potter’s Hand!”
Charli Thompson

The Potter's Hand
     Parents of students at The Potter’s Hand have been very supportive and encouraging to teachers each year. Perhaps the biggest  encouragment has been when they share stories about the difference the Potter’s Hand has made in the lives of their children. They have graciously allowed us to share these stories with you.
"Our daughter loves going to school at The Potter's Hand. We are excited 
that her education is based in her Christian faith. Her grades and classroom behavior have dramatically improved since she began at The Potter's Hand. Her teachers ensure the children learn to respect each other as God would have 
them do. Amy and I are grateful for The Potter's Hand Christian School."
Glenn Luhrs
Michael came to The Potter's Hand in January of 2012. As a seven year old in public school, he was experiencing bullying and a lack of individual instruction to help him achieve academic success. Within a week, he was reading his first words, and by the end of the school year, Michael had completed the reading curriculum for his level. He made friends with several of the students and experienced a loving environment where he could feel safe. Michael is learning how much God loves him!
    Crystal and Jamie were homeschool students until they entered their high school years.They were well prepared academically to continue their studies. The Potter's Hand gave them each an opportunity to step out in leadership  and try new experiences.
    That year, Jamie became the worship leader for weekly chapels, while Crystal showed her 
talents by producing the school's first play. She also helped create and publish the school yearbook. 
    Potter's Hand has been blessed by these two students!